Cat and Crone Rescue from Trees

When we are afraid our pet is dying, we call a veterinarian. If a vet’s solution to every illness was to terminate the pet, we would be very skeptical of his or her credibility. Trees should be no exception. Tree Ninja realizes that a customer’s tree often means a great deal to them so we have researched and equipped ourselves to solve their particular problem. Many trees are irreplaceable and extraordinary so we offer service which is as incredible as the trees we service.


One of the most satisfying services Tree Ninja provides is possibly rescuing animals from trees. Although it is quite rare, when an animal or drone is stuck in a tree in Edmonton, Tree Ninja is here to help. We are tree experts and climb trees everyday. Firefighters will definitely not help if it is a drone, and is unlikely to help even if it is cat. Their responsibility is human life and need to be prepared at all times. We love making somebody’s day and possibly saving an animal’s life. Drone rescue is also a growing demand as the industry expands.


Common Questions:

How much do you charge to save my cat or drone?

We would love to do it for free, but usually have to pay our employees overtime to go and perform the rescue. Also, we are always risking our own safety as soon as we leave the ground. We only charge $200 no matter how it takes. This is simply to cover our expenses and out of human decency.


How will you ensure my cat will not fall?

We cannot guarantee an animal’s ultimate safety. Neither could a willing fire department. However, we have never heard of any arborist making the situation worse. Usually cats are frozen with fear and happily let us put them in a bag or cage and lower them to safety.