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about tree ninja - benoit boudreauMy name is Benoit Boudreau and I am the founder of Tree Ninja.

When I started my arborist company, Tree Ninja (2015), I was only 20 years old and didn’t really know what I was doing. Although I managed to become an ISA Certified arborist, I lacked any formal education on how to run a tree service. Starting a business was a scary endeavor and looking back I believe there are two reasons my company succeeded: (1) Albertans are super supportive of small, family-owned businesses, and (2) I had a really powerful “why” for starting my company. I started Tree Ninja because I wanted a way to provide for my young family while simultaneously attending the University of Alberta’s Forestry program. Being a full-time student, husband, father, and business owner was a very difficult balance and there were many times when I suffered from extreme anxiety. However, my family, customers, professors, and employees saw what I was trying to accomplish and really supported me, especially during difficult moments. Over the course of my 4-year forestry degree, Tree Ninja grew to be one of Edmonton’s largest and most trusted tree services. We acquired huge clients such as West Edmonton Mall, the University of Alberta, Clark Builders, Delnor, Westrich Pacific, Ayre and Oxford, and many others. I am very proud that Tree Ninja has had very good customer retention: once we have worked with a customer we almost always gain their trust and lifelong business.

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I don’t promise that Tree Ninja will be the least expensive arborist company in Edmonton, but my commitment is that we will always treat our customers with the utmost respect. One of the primary ways we show respect to our customers is by hiring the safest arborists in the province and not cutting corners while we work. Albertans value respect and that’s why we acquired over 6,000 clients since our inception. We promise to stay true to what has brought us to this point today.