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Stump removal for Edmonton homes and businesses *we remove tree stumps outside Edmonton as well

We are certified arborists that professionally remove and maintain trees safely and efficiently. Edmonton’s Tree Ninjas provide many tree services, including stump removal (AKA stump grinding). Many are not familiar with the term stump grinding. We remove tree stumps by shredding the stump using powerful and sophisticated machines. Since digging out tree stumps is very time consuming and messy, stump grinding is a fantastic service. Trees in Edmonton will often regrow after a removal if the stump is not removed. Stump grinding not only prevents the tree from regrowing; it also allows the customer to remodel their yard and landscape.

Stump Removal – Edmonton & area
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Because we use superior stump grinding machines, we are able to grind stumps faster than other companies with less expensive machines. Our modern machines allow customers to have their stumps removed within five business days after approving our quote. Our ability to grind stumps with ease also permits us to take our time and never rush a job. When rushing, it is easy to miss a root or a section of the stump. Tree Ninja seeks efficiency in all our tree services so we can better focus on the quality of our work for the customer rather than our agenda for the day.

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Stump removal consists of shredding (grinding) the root collar, the main arteries of a tree. This is usually 10 to 20 inches below the stump when it is cut to grade. After being hired to remove a stump, Tree Ninja will send an expert Arborist. He will arrive and unload the stump grinder from a trailer. Tree Ninja would have noted the presence of any underground electrical or water systems before arrival. If the stump had been cut too high, a chainsaw may be used to save time. Both the chainsaw and the grinder can be quite loud as a caution to parents with young children.

Homeowners should leave all pets and children inside and not approach the Arborist as he operates. Waving from a safe distance will catch the arborist’s attention. While operating the grinding machine, shields are used around the grinder to prevent rocks or pieces of root from damaging the surrounding property. Depending on the size of the stump, stump removal usually takes an hour per stump. The stump is left as a pile of small wood chips which can either be used by the customer as garden mulch or it can be specified in the quote to have it taken away. With an average grind depth of 15 inches below the surface, a new tree could be planted or fence installed. Our Arborist will then speak with the homeowner if present, and then gather our tools and leave with the tree stump properly ground out.

Stump Removal – Edmonton & area
Stump Grinding Professionals
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Certified Arborists Edmonton stump removal experts

Common Stump Removal Questions:

Do you I need to get my ground utilities located before you remove the stump?

For the convenience of the customer, we will do it on your behalf. However, any sprinkler or irrigation system is the home owner’s responsibility to clearly mark prior to our arrival.

How long will it take for my stump to decompose naturally?

Stump grinding is a great idea in Edmonton because stumps can take three or more decades before they decompose. Edmonton has a very dry climate that does not facilitate as much moisture as other cities in Canada. Species such as spruce and pine trees may take even longer because they have special properties in their wood that prevent rapid decomposition.

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How much does (grinding) stump removal cost in Edmonton?

Tree Ninja determines our prices by measuring the diameter of the stump. If the stump is cut flush with the earth, we measure the greatest distance on the stump. We charge $9 per inch of the diameter of the stump with a minimum charge of a $100. Since the average size of a stump is around 12 inches it costs around $120 to remove a stump in Edmonton.

If I do not remove the tree stump, will it regrow?

Rejuvenation is dependent on a couple of factors such as the age and species of the tree. Deciduous trees such as poplar, aspen, maple, elm, and apple trees usually regrow. If money or time has been invested to remove a tree, stump grinding ensures that one’s efforts were not wasted with the regrowth of that tree.

How do I remove a tree stump in my yard?

The best way to remove your stump is to have it stump ground by a tree service. It is affordable and does not use harmful chemicals which pollute the soil of one’s garden or lawn. Trying to remove a stump on one’s own can be incredibly time consuming and not even effective.

How deep will you grind my stump?

We grind to a maximum of 20 inches below the surface which is enough to remove most stumps in Edmonton. It is reasonable to expect some roots to still remain deep below the surface. Grinding the root collar is usually all that is needed to ensure the tree will not regrow.

Stump Grinding – Edmonton
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